PCCC Endorses in 3 CA House Races

Progressive Change Campaign Committee

Liberal PAC Progressive Change Campaign Committee has endorsed three California candidates in competitive House races, positioning social security benefits as a key issue during the midterm elections.

PCCC is backing Reps. Mike Honda (CA-17), Eloise Gomez Reyes (CA-31) and Mike Eggman (CA-10) over rival candidates who have backed cutting social security benefits.

“In 2014, we’re making clear that the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party is ascendant — and that candidates who support expanding Social Security benefits will defeat candidates who would cut Social Security,” wrote PCCC Press Secretary Laura Friedenbach in an email.

“We’re proud to support these bold progressive champs against their conservative Democrat and Tea Party opponents.”

In the 17th District, Honda’s rival Ro Khanna (D) has refused to commit to expanding social security benefits, saying he wouldn’t rule out cutting them for future recipients. Honda, who voted for the alternative to the Paul Ryan’s budget, has been a vocal proponent of expanding benefits.

Gomez Reyes is pitted against Pete Aguilar (D), who has gone on record as saying he would have voted for the Simpson-Bowles plan, which cuts benefits. Eggman, on the other hand, faces Republican Jeff Denham, who voted for the Ryan budget.

PCCC is supporting bills that would do away with the current $110,100 cap on social security taxes, which they say will allow for expanded benefits.

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